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Dreaming of a Beautiful Future for Our World While Accepting the Reality of Climate Change

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Maeveterra creates computationally sophisticated property-specific and portfolio-level analytics to tackle some of the insurance industry's toughest challenges.

Problem statement

The United States property insurance sector is facing unprecedented and unsustainable stress on its insurers of last resort. Regulatory shifts related to climate change and increase financial pressure of natural catastrophes are creating quickly evolving opportunities. The industry is need of objective, mathematical insights in order to forge a sustainable path forward.

Maeveterra's Solutions

Maeveterra is especially poised to tackle some the toughest problems facing the insurance sector. The founders bring together over 15 years of risk modeling experience and tested technical solutions and product delivery.

Pillars of Maeveterra's

Business Solutions

With Maeveterra you will be able to better understand catastrophic risk as it affects both individual properties and a portfolio as a whole.



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